Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lila B. Design

Love the photos and inspiration I feel while browsing
the site of Bay area designer Lila B.

Lila B. Creates Urban Gardens and ‘City Grown’ Flowers

"Working amid urban cityscapes and inspired to grow our own ‘city grown’ flowers, Lila B. Design has turned two barren surfaces into green spaces in the heart of industrial San Francisco neighborhoods."

"The garden at Stable Café is located atop an old metal shipping container that doubles as a storage unit at the edge of the café’s interior courtyard in the Mission. The Stable and Lila B. collaboration garden features Lila B.’s City Grown flowers and tomatoes for the café’s kitchen."

"Lila B. partnered with Emily Morris of Boxwood Olive to create The Lot Garden in Dogpatch. Sunflowers gaze up and sneak smiles to the car repair shop next door, vines hug the chain-link fence, and flowers and vegetables brighten the street."


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