Monday, February 23, 2009

Eco-Drool Worthy

A really sweet story here folks: Back in the summer of 2006, one of the oldest elms in West Seattle died. Urban Hardwoods saved this old giant from the landfill. Instead, it was thoughtfully milled and carefully stacked, then dried slowly and naturally for two years. The result is totally sublime.

Victory Garden 2.0

I'm really looking forward to building this simple but beautiful cedar raised bed. If you look closely, you will see pvc pipes installed at the sides to hold hoop and netting to keep garden pests away.
Image via Sunset.

Eco Couture

Things I'm coveting today: All four of these pieces from Environment Furniture would be welcome additions to my home...especially the clean and unusual lines of the bed frame. I have a crush on this bed!

Lama Love

New items from Oakland, California based online boutique Lama: Latin America in the Modern Age. Want a little Monday morning feel good? Check out the inspiring story behind this shop.

Urban Garden Remake

Are you a City/Country girl hybrid like myself? Do you long for the unique energy and movement of a city but crave the sweet color, texture and fragrance only a garden can provide? Nothing inspires me more then seeing small urban spaces transformed into lush tranquil sanctuaries. Often these spaces can sing in record time when you combine compact evergreen scrubs, a few perennials and healthy dose of fast growing annuals.
Images via Domino

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Words to live by

Cisco Pinedo: Home with Heart

Furniture designer Cisco Pinedo was featured in Sunset magazine in "Soulful Simplicity: a room-by-room guide". I love what he has to say about creating a home with heart (isn't that bathroom devine?!)

Define your special space. Maybe it’s a reading nook, a cozy bedroom, or a spa-like bathroom. For Cisco, it’s a spacious kitchen/family room where large groups can gather. “We like everything open,” he says.
Take your time. Don’t rush to deck out your home just for the sake of doing so. Creating a look that shows your personality and style takes time: It took the Pinedos 10 years to assemble the few accessories they display, and they’re glad it did because everything they’ve set out has meaning.
Embrace emptiness. Cisco has a prominent wall in the master bedroom that’s blank. “I’d love to have a beautiful piece of art there when I find it,” he says. In the meantime, he’s happy to leave the spot vacant.
all images via

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Garden Glory

"We have art so that we shall not be destroyed by the truth" Nietzsche
Image from Inside Out Magazine. Artist unknown.

Modern Lounging

Are you lusting after these lovely pieces like I am? Grass green there anything better?

Talt Low Seating Group, Talt Chaise Lounge, Talt 6' Dining Set, Luma Deep Seating all from Modern Outdoor Furniture.

The Modern Porch Swing

Won't you join me for an afternoon swing? The carefree days of summer should be spent on this sublime hand-crafted swing. This unique indoor/outdoor piece from Woodia la Piccolo is made from reclaimed teak or white oak, stainless steel and stainless steel rope and may be hung from a ceiling, overhead plank or branch of any height.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ginko Goodness

This color combination makes me very very happy.
image via spikeblacklab

Wonderful White

Wouldn't you love to waste an afternoon here?
image from InsideOut Magazine

Kerry Cassill Spring 2009 Collection

Luscious luxury weight indian fabrics from Kerry Cassill's Spring 2009 Collection. You can find clothing, bedding, table linens and fabric by the yard at her boutique LaLa in Laguna Beach.
Her affordable napkins can easily be made into 18" throw pillows too.

Jean Pelle Bubble Chandelier

This swanky bubble chandelier designed by Jean Pelle was featured on Apartment Therapy New York as fun DIY project for ReadyMade Magazine. Instructions available here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ana Ventura Screenprints

Lovely screenprints that appeal to the gardener in me...from Ana Ventura's shop.

Suzani and Kalamkari at Viva Terra

Suzani pillows and Kalamkari bedding accents from Viva Terra. Pillows are made from 100% organic fabric and eco-friendly dyes.

Suzani: Native to Central Asia, this antique tribal textile from Uzbekistan and surrounding countries shows off the region's gloriously intricate hand embroideries.

Kalamkari: An ancient art using rare natural indigo and healthful ayurvedic dyes derived from plants and roots. Craftsman dip hand-carved teak blocks into the dyes, hand-presses each pattern, and then fixes his vibrant colors in hot sunlight.